Tools – glossary

This part of the B-processor Manual will explain and demonstrate  how to use single tools.

Tools in B-processor is located in the Menu bar and in the Icon bar:

Icon bar

Here we will fist look at the Tools in the tool-icon in the order they are shown in the icon bar – moving the cusot to the tool will show its name.

  • Select tool. Point-click on a Point an Edge or Surface will select – mark with red – and show attributes – some editable – for the selected item. See more – to come.
  • Assign tool. Assign Building-objects to the two sides of the surface. Click-1 select the surface and show  the assignments – this side on top of a line with functions “behind”. Click on assignment open for assigning a building-object – Building-objects can created in the fly. Assign has 2 modes to toggle – Multi, all connected surfaces are assigned and Single only the selected.  See more – to come.
  • Pencil tool. Draw an edge. Click for point-1 and click again or type distance for point-2 Edges in the same plan forming closed contours automatic create a Surface. Surrounded or surrounding surfaces automatic establish a hole-surface structure – a list of holes in the surrounding surface. See more – to come.
  • Eraser tool. Only an edge can be erased. The surface/hole structure is automatic restored. See more – to come.
  • Rooler tool. Create a Construction-line constructor. Click on an Edge create a construction-line through the next click or in a distance typed and direction shown with the cursor. Can be used to measure the distance between two items. See more – to come.
  • Protractor tool. Create a Construction-line constructor. Place a protractor – first click on a surface. Next click is the outset. Last click or a typed in angle gives the direction of the new Construction-line. See more – to come.
  • Move tool. Click on item to move to next click-point. Or select item(s) to move from click-1 to click-2. See more – to come.
  • Rotate tool.
  • Offset tool. Click inside a surface to offset its contour to click-2 or a typed distance. Or select two or more lines to offset to click or a typed distance. Seemore – to come.
  • Extrude tool. Click on Surface to extrude perpendicular to it self to click-2 or typed distance – new surfaces generated will get the same inner assignment as the outset surface. If click-2 is on a surface the extended surface will be in the same plane as this. See more – to come.
  • Rectangle tool. Click one on surface – or grid for first corner-point. Click-2 or typed distance first edge. Click-3 -or typed distance is the width. See more – to come.
  • Arc tool. Click one on surface – or grid for first chord-point. Click-2 or typed distance end of cord. Click-3 or typed distance point on arch. See more- to come.
  • Extend tool. Like Extrude, but each point of the surface will follow the extension of a possible third edge in that point and if there is only three edges to the point, else it will follow a perpendicular direction. See more – to come.
  • Constructor tool. Create a Coordinate-System constructor. First click origo, click-2 a point on the x-axis, click -3 a point on the y-axis. See more – to come.
  • Relate tool. Under implementtation.
  • Focus tool. Click on a surface, the graphic vue will change to look perpendicular to the surface, with the suface centered. See more – to come.
  • Section tool.
  • Orbit tool
  • Pan tool
  • Zoom tool
  • Top
  • Zoom all
  • Perspective
  • Orthographic
  • M minimal icon bar
  • L long icon bar
  • Shading
  • Solid
  • Wireframe
  • Grid
  • Edges