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The Surface is a partition and a relation between two and only two Spaces

Data structure – users manual

Quote from ECAADE 2007 paper

A building is a set of interrelated “Spaces” containing building objects: Functional Spaces and Constructional Spaces. 

A Surface is a division and a relation between two Spaces. 

This outset for a building model structure – the B-model -, contrasts with the (normal) concept, that a building is a set of building elements, where the elements are forming the rooms. 

The Spaces where we live and work and the Spaces taken up by the constructions for sheltering and bearing are treated equally as complementary building objects in the B-model structure, and the Spaces are related to each other through their common Surfaces. 

A Space can be detailed into a set of Elements – element spaces – and each Element can be further detailed into a set of Parts – part spaces. The Space-Element-Part relations are forming a “Chinese box system”, where changes in for example Space level are reflected down to Element and Part level. 

This dynamic behavior is caused by the three levels coexisting inside each other – although a lower level only has to be modeled if it is necessary for the level of detail needed.” 



Comment: The dynamic behavior of nested objects has not been fully implemented yet, but the generic modelling tools function on all three levels.

A  “chinese box” example could be a space containing a wall that contains three  elements: front-wall, insulation and back-wall, where the element front-wall contains the parts brick and mortar joints etc. 

Entities – users manual

Building-object: A construction or a room – a Space, an Element or a Part – defined by its Attributes and its Geometric-entities.

Geometric-entities:  The building object geometry is basically build of  plain Surfaces. Each  Surface is pointing to two Spaces

Space: A Building-object containing a Construction-space or a Functional-space. Construction spaces and functional spaces are treated equaly when it comes to geometry but have a different set of attributes. Relations between spaces are establiced by common surfaces pointing back to the two spaces they divide and relate. The establishing of Space-Surface-Spacerelation is called Assignment and can be done with the Assignment tool. You can create a new Space  in the Create menu or it can be done in the fly with the Assignment tool. 

Element: A Building -object similar to the Space, but contained inside a Space . 

Part: A Building -object similar to the Space and Element, but contained inside an Element.


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