Sebastian Gmelin

Since I studied architecture at the Technical University of Stuttgart my interest lay in the connection of CAD, construction methods and spatial design. I felt that the design of ’emotional spaces’ did not easily correlate with computational design and I soon began to experiment with different software and visualization tools in my design projects.

Diploma – trampolini di salto, ski-jump for the Olympics in Torino

After my studies, I worked as an architect and programmer at studio ’Fuoss architecture’ in Stuttgart where I was involved in the development and scripting of design tools for prefabricated buildings. This introduction to programming and data management increased my interest towards advanced computer technologies and how they could be used in an architectural context.
I refined my scripting skills and knowledge about parametric and generative design during a master course at the Chair of Computer Aided Architectural Design at the ETH in Zurich. There, I was also introduced to computational manufacturing methods and rapid prototyping, closing the gap from digital design to production.

Final thesis – “m-any”,

From 2005, I worked at Foster + Partners in London where I was involved in the design and planning of many large-scale projects like a Festival Hall in St Petersburg, high-rise buildings in Singapore or an airport in Jordan, leading a design team of up to 15 architects. As a member of the specialist modelling group I was responsible for the geometrical description of many complex designs and the parametric setup of 3d models and finally got the opportunity to transfer my so far theoretical knowledge into real-life projects.

(c) F+P, New Holland Island – St Petersburg

After my work for F+P I co-founded the architectural and design studio ’designyougo’ in Berlin and in 2009, I became a PhD fellow at the Aarhus school of Architecture pursuing my interest for cutting edge technologies in architectural design and construction methodologies.

(c) designyougo – Futuredome for Dubai